5 Tips on How To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest!

5 Tips on How To Be The Perfect Wedding Guest!

It's that time of the year again. Wedding season is in full swing and you probably have a couple of weddings to attend and might be at a loss as to how to handle yourself as a wedding guest. On the other hand this may be the first time you're attending a wedding. Whatever the case may be, whether you're a newbie or a pro at the wedding guest etiquette, we all could use a refresher course on how to be the perfect wedding guest.

Be on time: Nothing is more annoying to a bride and groom on the wedding day than unnecessary drama. Everyone’s attention ought to be on the couple and no one else, and nothing screams drama more than a late comer. Late attendance to a wedding would definitely cause a scene, so be punctual. Try to arrive ten to twenty minutes before the time. Don’t enter when everyone is quietly seated, during the prayer or worse still when the couple is taking their vows.

Bring a gift: Bringing a gift to a wedding is really essential. You should get a little something for the bride and groom. It doesn't have to be something massive and you really don't have to spend a fortune. Work with your budget but choose your gift wisely. If you are close to the bride or groom, choosing a gift for them may not be a difficult decision to make, however if you don't know them so well, just take along what you think is an appropriate gift. Money in an envelope is perfectly OK with a simple personalized thank you card. Some couples create a wedding registry, so all you have to do is choose something from their wish list.

Dress appropriately: When attending a wedding, endeavor to choose your outfit wisely. Some wedding invitations clearly state the dress code for the occasion or the colors you are expected to wear. However, some kinds of outfits are absolutely unacceptable at a wedding. For example, avoid wearing white. Except if it's clearly stated, try to avoid wearing white as a wedding guest, leave that to the bride. Don't wear anything provocative or too skimpy. That's so not the place for miniskirts or plunging necklines. A wedding is a formal event, so avoid looking too casual. We all love our jeans and t-shirt but certainly don't want to be seen in such an outfit as a wedding guest.

Keep your congratulatory messages short and simple: Even if you are the bride or grooms best friend, make sure to offer your congratulations and visit for just a few minutes, so that you can afford them a chance to speak with other guests. You probably have so much to say, but that is not the time, don’t go on forever! It's okay to say hello to the bride and groom, but keep your conversation short, so they can make their rounds.

Don't bring a guest: Unless the invitation is for your family then avoid going with a guest, and this includes taking your kids as well. Don’t assume you can bring a date. Most couples work within a budget and hand out invitations based on this planning. So, taking a guest with you when going to a wedding, is not always a good idea.

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