The design and creation of the Erato leather sandals

Design and creation of Erato sandals
One of the most fulfilling aspects of leather crafting and sandal making in particular, is when I make a new design. Besides being pretty, a pair of sandals must compliment the foot and the outfit.
For the Erato sandals I wanted a design that is better suited for the casual style, which can be combined with a pair of jeans or a simple skirt. The sandals need to be comfortable enough to be worn all day.
I started by cutting the shape of the sandal and drawing where I wanted the leather straps to be. I wanted the front straps to be wide and to cross each other. I only focused on the front end because I had a clear idea of what I wanted for the back straps and I didn't need to design them.
Nikolasandals cutting the straps
Then, I cut the holes with the hammer and I also cut two paper straps with my scissors.
Cutting the paper straps
I didn't like the fact that the straps were crossing on top of each other, so I made a cut on the right one and the left one went trough it.
Shoe last for sandals
Finally, I checked the new sandals with the shoe last to see how they looked and whether the length of the paper straps was correct.
Erato sandals features
Erato sandals side view
I named the sandals after the muse Erato. According to Greek mythology, she represented the singing of love songs and poetry and played a lyre.
You can order the Erato sandals here.

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