Fashion tips: Best shoes to wear with jeans

Fashion tips: Best shoes to wear with jeans

Whenever I am in need of something comfy yet classy to wear,I simply reach out to a pair of jeans. who doesn't love jeans? it's one one of the easiest looks to style and wear to any occasion plus its timeless and the style possibilities are endless.

However, after putting together a super cute outfit, which of cause includes your favorite pair of denim, Then comes the big question "what shoes do I wear with it"?

There are a myriad of shoe options that you can wear with your pair of jeans, it all depends on the occasion. Different shoes pull off very different but equally stylish vibe.

I' ve put together some fashion tips and shoe ideas for you to try out the next time you're feeling shoe stumped. Take a look!


Sneakers: sneakers and denim go hand in hand, just like chicken and chips. luckily, there are sneakers for women, and here's how wear sneakers with jeans.

When off to work, college or any casual occasion slip-on sneakers with jeans, it's a  simple yet chic look and doesn't really take a lot of time to put together, so when you're in a rush simply throw on a crop top with your skinnies, or a leather jacket with a white inner top, slip-on your sneakers let your hair loose and go conquer the world.

Boots: when going for a classy/country look, you can rock skinny jeans with a pair of boots. It's a perfect look for summer and even winter. A simple sleeveless top, a coat, or a cardigan are all great options to wear with denim add a pair of boots, a scarf and sunglasses, you're good for any semi-casual or casual occasion.

Loafers: going for a vintage look? Add loafers to your denim outfit, it's a perfect shoe option for any casual outfit.This look first made it's appearance in the 90's and has gained popularity ever since. These days you can find lots of celebrities and influencers rocking this style.

Loafers are sturdy but stylish. You can pair it with an oversized cardigan, t-shirt or pastel blouse, they are ideal for any off- duty look.

Flats: who says you can't wear jeans with flats? Both for formal and informal occasions flats are perfect. Apart from it being exceptionally comfortable You simply can't go wrong with the classic combination. You can wear it with your blazers, favourite jacket or a simple t-shirt.

With flat shoes, jeans look effortless and timeless. 

Heels: when you're off to any formal occasion and desperately want to wear your denim but are a little afraid that it would come off as too casual, simply complete the look by donning a pair of heels and you're good to go. Jeans goes perfectly with heels whether its wedges or peep toes. Add a statement piece necklace to it and you'd be amazed at how stunning you would .

Sandals: Not every one feels comfortable wearing jeans with sandals, buts it's a great look for grocery shopping and a stroll down the street.

Summertime is the perfect season to show off that fresh ankle and perfectly done pedicure with some fun sandals, whether it's skinny jeans boyfriend jeans or wide leg jeans add a pair of sandals you can wear them with a slouchy tee-shirt or a tank top.

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