One Item Challenge

So here's a challenge. You need to pick one item that can be worn in different styles. Are you up for it? We women can turn ordinary pieces into something that you can wear to a casual date even to a formal one. Well, it may sound surprising that one versatile item can be turned into a fashionable dress. Don't you believe me? Let's take a look

One item that I chose for this challenge is a button down shirt, the one my boyfriend usually wears. I will sneak it out of his closet without him knowing. Then he'll be surprised that I am actually wearing one of his polo's. I got you curious, don’t I? A button-down polo shirt is one of the versatile items that can be worn in different styles. I choose the checkered design to play with but you can go with a white simpler one. There are endless possibilities, trust me.

Wear it as a dress

Probably my favorite style on this button-down shirt is wearing it as a dress. Toss it over and wear your most fashionable boots. You can also tweak it by wearing it as a strapless sundress. Just button up the shirt without the sleeves on and make the sleeve your ribbon wrap it around and have a little knot.

Wear it as a top

The best way to wear a button-down shirt is wearing it as a top. No brainer!

Wear it as an off-the-shoulder top

Put the shirt on without wearing the sleeve and button it. Pull the arms of the shirt around behind your arm going to the front. And tie them in front of your bust making a knot.


Wear it as a skirt

Might seem surprising to wear a shirt as a skirt. Choose a bigger one for this style and it is possible to have it as a skirt without a help of any scissors. Just put the shirt around your waist and button it up and be sure to tie the arms at the front to make a bow. The collar should be tuck inside the back.

Wear it as a strapless top

Fold the shirt with the collar facing down into your bust. Put the sleeves around tieing it at the back showing you back curve.

Wear it as a one-shoulder top

Put the shirt without putting on the on the other sleeve. Take that sleeve at the back and tuck it in your pants. This is a perfect formal wear pair it with black skirt and shoes and you'll be looking sophisticated.

Wear it as a blazer

Need I say more? Put on a basic strapless shirt and toss over your button-down shirt pair it with shorts.

Now, did I say the possibilities are endless? Depending on the occasion, transitioning a button-down shirt is another great way to being resourceful in case you are caught up in something that you can't decide on what to wear. No go ahead and get that button-down shirt. I know you'll thank me later.


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