Ten tips to get you looking like a million bucks  

We all want to look our best regardless of the occasion. But there are some times when you really need to look like a million bucks. Like when you have an important business meeting, or when you are meeting with your in-laws for the first time and want to impress them. You can look smart and put together without spending a lot of money. 
Here are some pointers to get you through with flying colors! 
1. Have a meeting with Mr Mc-Steamy 
Girl, I know, I hate ironing too. However, it’s a fairly easy thing to do to make your clothes look polished and fresh. Don’t skip the pressing routine on your clothes if you want to look smart. There is nothing like an crumbled shirt that screams unkempt! 
2. Don’t be sloppy 
You may be in love with your yoga pants and your oversized hoody but that style isn’t going to cut it, if you want to look like a million bucks. Try clothes that fit you well and even better those that were tailored on you. The shape and definition can do wonders to your cause.
3. Monochromatic living 
Go all white or black, or all neutral. There are a few things that are more chic than an all white outfit. It’s super flattering and put together! You can stylish it in different ways to get different outcomes. 
4. Add shine 
I don’t have anything against silver but in this case gold is best. It gives an aura of luxury and preciousness. Apart from your accessories a pair of gold leather strappy sandals can go a long way (pun intended!). 
5. Don’t forget your hair 
You can’t possibly look luxurious in a messy bun. You are not a Beckham after all! So use your hair dryer or visit the hair saloon to keep your hair in check. A well kept hair style can do wonders to your self esteem too which in turns makes you feel and look better. Hair accessories should be kept in line with your jewelry and not clash. 
6. Pay attention to your make up 
You want something that looks fresh, on point and discreet. Leave the false lashes at home this time and just use your mascara. Go for a natural look rather than a dramatic one. Exfoliate and clean your skin for better results. Finish the look with a classic red lipstick; it’s always a good idea!
7. Do it like the French! 
The eyes are the windows to your soul but your hands can give away your lifestyle. It’s really important to take care of your nails. Even if you are not a huge fun of colored nails, a simple manicure can elevate your appearance. There is something inherently elegant about the French manicure and you can rock it even with short nails. 
8. Bag it! 
You don’t need to carry an expensive designer bag to look cool. Just a nice leather one will do. Make sure it’s clean, polished and well kept. This is a typical example where size does in fact matter! Don’t carry a huge bag but don’t use a mini wallet either. A medium to small sized bag is the best. 
 9. It’s all in the details 
The little things can make you or break you so pay attention. Watch your perfume for example. Don’t wear too much and avoid the extra sugary scents that smell cheap. Go for a subtle floral scent instead. 
10. Fake it 
You probably never walked in the runway but no one has to know! Stand up to your height, correct your posture and walk with confidence! At a girl! 

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