The shoes he needs for summer

The shoes he needs for summer

Summer footwear can present a fine divide that can be difficult to balance. Office and occasion wear call for smart and formal designs, yet lighter fabrics more appropriate for warmer weather may make it necessary to choose softer and more relaxed tones.

Casual wear can present a similar problem. When the weather peaks, it’s important to be comfortable, but a continued desire to remain on-trend makes it necessary to avoid traditional summer footwear that may lack the style you are keen to replicate. So what is the best way to navigate the divide once the summer months arrive?

Beginning with formal wear, it is important to remember the foundations of your portfolio when expanding or veering from the traditional during the summer months. Quite simply, particular shoes work best with particular attire, and remaining faithful to a style or design you have become familiar with is often the best way to expand your collection during the warmer months. If you usually choose a black leather for your Oxford or Derby shoes, turn to a lighter tone and choose a deep brown. Alternatively, a different finish can be equally appealing. With formal wear, it is best to stick to a classic design and branch out when deciding your colour palette, instead of choosing a radically different shoe that could turn out to be inappropriate for office or evening dressing.

Casual wear, however, is where you can let your imagination loose and really enjoy the footwear designs that the spring and summer collections have to offer. As with everything, material and composition are key, and a well-made leather design is going to provide far more comfort and style than a cheaper, less dependable fabric.

For travelling and relaxed weekends, our handmade leather sandals are an excellent choice. Expertly crafted in the highest quality leather, two wide straps lay across the top of the foot, while a single large toe band adds security and comfort. An excellent choice for summer, they are available in tones of black, natural and dark brown.

If you find yourself needing a shoe more appropriate for holidays abroad or spending time on the beach, our leather flip flops are an exquisitely designed take on a casual classic. Crafted to an iconic and traditional style, two top bands meet between the toes to create a relaxed and comfortable summer aesthetic. A refined choice, they are also available in black, natural and dark brown.

Moving forward to more specially tailored casual footwear, indoor sports shoes can remain the same, as a reliable running shoe or trainer should carry you throughout the year. However, you may need to make some changes when looking for outdoor choices. Be wary of how your surroundings alter during the warmer months, and choose your footwear appropriately. It is in these instances that it is most appropriate to visit a professional, who can fit and advise you on the correct shoes for your desired activity.

Compiling a footwear portfolio can seem daunting, particularly when you have previously been used to limited shoe designs. By following this simple guide, you can easily expand your collection and ensure that it is perfectly tailored towards the warm weather.


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