Tips for instagram – fabulous feet!

Tips for instagram – fabulous feet!

I have a confession to make: I used to hate my feet and never wore open shoes during summer time! I got it stuck to my head that my toes were ugly and I avoided sandals and peep toes like the plague.
That was until I booked my first professional pedicure. The nail technician did her magic and an hour later I was thrilled with the results! I went out and bought a couple of strappy sandals and never looked back! My feet thank me everyday for that decision!
Here are some tips to make your feet look and feel fabulous and not break the bank too!
Book a pedicure
Even if you are on a tight budget a professional pedicure every couple of months is not going to cost you an arm and leg (no pun intended!). There are actually pretty decent nail technicians that do a wonderful job with what a couple of fancy coffees would cost.
I’ve tried to do pedicures by myself and though I do a decent job, it’s always better when a professional does it. There are far more experienced than me and they have better access to the hard parts.
Ask a friend you trust about the nail artist they use and book an appointment. Make sure you ask everything you need to know about it if you’ve never been there before. I am very vigilant about sterilization and always make sure they get sterilized tools to work on me.
Then relax and read a magazine or a book while they work to make your feet look gorgeous!
Soak them up
After spending a day standing on your feet the least you can do is treat them to a nice foot-bath. No fancy equipment is needed too. Just a bowl or a bin and lukewarm water will do wonders!
If you want to make this even better you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil, light up a candle and have a glass of wine (or two).
After than nice footbath you can go a step further (again, no pun intented, lol) and exfoliate your feet. You can use a loofah or your pemice stone at the sole of your feet.
You can even make this amazing scrub by yourself in minutes and scrub your feet with it. There really is no need to buy an expensive product!
Wear the right shoes
I can’t stress this enough. I know we love wearing heels and platforms but we have to make sure they are the right fit for our feet (I am not doing this on purpose I swear!!!).
Avoid wearing tight shoes with hard and unwielding straps. They tend to work against you while you walk. Long term use of shoes that don’t fit well can lead to health problems like bunions and hammertoes
Find a shoe that fits and prefer leather to plastic. Leather has the natural tendency to stretch and a leather shoe will eventually take the form of your feet and not the other way around. Plus leather sandals are beautiful and make your feet look gorgeous!
How do you look after your feet? Any tip to share?
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Wow that’s a great tip . I would love to try it. My feets usually get dry after exfoliating so I use milk as moisturizer. And wash it again . It makes it super soft.

Kartika Nair

I love foot soaks especially after a day of hiking. But my absolute favourite has to be paraffin treatment.


You have reminded me that I am overdue for a pedicure. It is the one luxury I have on a regular basis because I really couldn’t be bothered to do the exfoliating, the scrub and the masque before the other stuff. And I have the best technician so it really is a few hours of relaxation every month.


A great pedicure is one of my guilty pleasures every month. I’ve found the best guy to do them and I kid you not, they’re always baby smooth whenever I leave. I do a kickboxing class every day and walk three or four miles, so I love to pamper my feet because they work really hard for me every day. x

Ali Rost

My feet are a disgrace at the moment, with it being summer here and I’m constantly walking around bare foot!! I do need to take better care of them and these are such great tips!

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