What to pack for a weekend getaway

It's Friday and you've been dreading for that weekend trip the whole week! Well, you already have a plan and you need to start packing. Now, remember that you'll be away for a few days only so keep in mind to pack light and only bring  the essentials. But don't forget that we still have to be on our fashionably self. 

1. Bag. Let's start on where to pack everything. Choose what kind of bag to use for your weekend travel. Do you need additional small bags? For me, a backpack is a great one for just a few days getaway. Get a backpack with a lot of pockets on to it that will be beneficial for your packing. Get some organized bags to put on the smaller items. Rolling the clothes on your luggage is the trendiest on packing nowadays. I also love the idea of using ziplock. On this way I'll put all my clothes for a day and it is also a great storage for the dirt ones.

2. Toiletries.Have a small bag to put all the hygiene essentials. Transfer the big packaging on small containers or better get the travel sizes for each. I always bring wipes too. Wipes can be use all-around! Bringing too much make-up is not necessary but we still want to look good on those travel pictures. My recommended easy make-up is BB Cream, Eyebrow Pencil and Lip Tints. Don't forget to put on your sunscreen too if you think you'll be under the sun most of the time.

3. Clothes. As we are only away for 2 or 3 days, bring versatile clothing’s. I love the use of a dress as it can be casual and formal at the same time. Consider mix matching using the pieces that you'll bring.

what to pack for a weekend getaway

Using a hat, scarf, jacket/blazer are great addition to be fashionably still even when travelling. Consider the weather too so you'll know if you need to bring extra jacket or the right shoes. In terms of shoes, there is nothing more comfy than  sneakers. But don't forget to bring extra sandals.

Oh, and I also love bringing my pair of pajamas! It's light anyway so it will not take too much space.

4. Electronic Gadgets. Of course we need some souvenirs. Getting that great picture is a must when travelling. Consider which gadget you will use. Do you need to connect on social media while you travel?

flat lay of gadgets

Still need to check on work and emails? A sturdy and small notebook laptop is more advisable to carry. Bring extra batteries, a powerbank and a local wifi connection.

5. Other essential items.This includes items like Identification cards, tags, medicines or a small first aid kit, and a few accessories like sunglasses to complete your look.

Now that we've completed on the things that you need to pack, remember to have a great time! Planning this weekend trip is the one thing that you've been waiting for so enjoy to the fullest. 


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