What to wear this spring - even if you are not a fashionista

What to wear this Spring– even if you are not a fashionista


Well the obvious answer to the question “what to wear this spring” is and always will be, whatever you want! After all life is too short for strict clothing restrictions and must – dos!

However, I put together a couple of outfits for you just in case you needed a little visual inspiration for your next shopping spree. You don’t have to be a fashionista or a fashion victim and read each and every article written about the New York fashion week. Just use your common sense, get inspired by the latest trends but DO IT YOURWAY! Yes, Frankie was right, you got to do it your way!

So, a mister Tom Ford decided to do a little color blocking on the runways for this spring. It doesn’t mean you have to only wear saturated colors for the next three months! Rather, invest in one piece of clothing if you can pull it off or an accessory if that works best for you and build your style from there.

Did anyone say jeans? Finally one piece of clothing even the not fashionistas can enjoy! A haute jeans version of my favorite denim fabric was presented on almost all runways and here is the easiest way to make sure you are fashionable this spring!

So why don’t you combine the two trends to make one of your own and rock this spring time?


Invest in a comfortable pair of leather flip flops, grab your backpack and you are set for the mornings. Don’t forget your sunglasses since the sun can get seriously hot this time of the year.

And if you want something that you can wear all day long, a cute floral dress is just the thing! When you are in the office a cardigan can be more suitable. But when you are out and about, the little details will be the winners.

I like to combine this with more neutral but still very girly things like a bow bag and butterfly sunglasses. The way I see it, we all carry around a lot more things that what we really need. I am not a big fan of huge bags (and really if you are just 1.60m the huge bag will not compliment you, will it?) but I do carry a lot of things in mine. So invest in one that’s compact but still roomy! And cute, don’t forget cute!

Pay attention to your accessories too. Don’t forget your bracelets and rings. Little things can make or break a look.

And lastly, take care of your feet, especially if you are on them all day long. A dress can be dressed up with heels or dressed just right with some black strappy sandals. Show off your gorgeous feet and dance the day and night away!

So you see, being fashionable doesn’t really mean wearing every copycat thing the big retail stores will come up with after the fashion weeks are over! For this Easter, being fashionable should be, taking a few hints from the runways and doing your thing!


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