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Are you a stylist guru or do you search the fashion blogs and magazines to decide what to wear each day? Does style come effortlessly to you or do you need pointers from time to time? Regardless of your answer to the above, I bet that you never had trouble choosing and buying shoes. Am I right, or am I right?

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Porto Timoni in Corfu island

As the temperature is rising it is starting to feel like summer is finally here. This is Porto Timoni, located in the northwest of Corfu island. A 25-minute drive from where I am and half an hour walk through a small path. I'm contemplating whether I should go for my first swim of 2017 but I need to finish and send a wholesale order by tomorrow morning. Maybe next Sunday! Photo by @bill_metallinos

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The design and creation of the Erato leather sandals

One of the most fulfilling aspects of leather crafting and sandal making in particular, is when I make a new design. Besides being pretty, a pair of sandals must compliment the foot and the outfit. For the Erato sandals I wanted a design that is better suited for the casual style, which can be combined with a pair of jeans or a simple skirt. The sandals need to be comfortable enough to be worn all day. I started by cutting the shape of the sandal and drawing where I wanted the leather straps to be. I wanted the front straps to be wide and to cross each other. I only focused on the front end because I had a clear idea...

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